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Global Stroke Diagnostics and Therapeutics Market by Type – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025

Stroke Diagnostics and Therapeutics Market Overview:

A stroke is sudden death of brain cells. Stroke occurs when the blood flow to the brain is blocked by clot in brain artery. These clots can travel through blood and get deposited in the artery of brain causing complete blockage and thereby restricting oxygen and blood flow to brain. Stroke is of two types: ischemic (due to lack of blood flow) and hemorrhagic (due to internal bleeding in brain). Signs and symptoms of stroke depend on the area of brain which is affected and characterized by weakness or paralysis of the body with complete or partial loss of voluntary movements and sensations in various parts of body especially in legs and arms. Stroke that affects base of the brain can lead to blurring of vision, uneasiness in breathing and even result in unconsciousness.

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A stroke can be clinically diagnosed either through patient’s medical history or by conducting scans in order to detect possible cause of stroke for timely treatment to patients. Therapeutics drugs such as anticoagulants are most commonly used to treat stroke and related symptoms by reducing blood clot. Ischemic strokes can only be treated with tissue plasminogen activator (only approved treatment by FDA). Brain clots can also be removed through mechanical procedures known as thrombectomy. In this procedure clot is removed with the help of wire-cage device called as stent retriever. Although controlling internal bleeding during hemorrhagic stroke is difficult, it can be minimized through a catheter which is attached to brain tissue through major artery in an arm or leg. Sometime surgical procedures are required to remove large clots from brain tissues.

Increasing geriatric population, high obesity rate and increasing prevalence of chronic diseases are expected to increase demand for stroke diagnosis and therapeutic market. In addition to unhealthy diet, high glucose and cholesterol level and increasing prevalence of hypertension will further drive the global market. According to American Heart Association, approximately 800,000 people in the U.S. alone suffer from stroke every year with three out of four being first time strokes. Such a high prevalence of stroke worldwide will further drive the growth of the global market. However, high cost of medical treatment and unfavorable reimbursement policies will possess some challenge for the growth of the market.

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Key players operating in the global stroke diagnostics and therapeutics market include Abbott Laboratories, Siemens AG, Stryker Corporation, and GE Healthcare, Medtronic plc. Cordis Corporation, Genentech Inc., Boston Scientific Corporation, Coaxia Inc. and Philips Healthcare. These key players are focusing on acquiring large customer base through launch of new products that enhances interventional cardiology care. For instance, Cordis in 2017 has launch three new products- Cordis RAILWAY Sheathless Access System, Ikazuchi Zero and Raiden 3 PTCA balloons for expanding their product portfolio and to gain competitive advantage. These devices have ability to directly access radial artery thereby eliminating the need of an introducer sheath.

Advancements in therapeutic strategies such as stroke unit care and treatments including plasminogen activator (tPA) will propel growth of the market in coming years. Plasminogen activator is group of enzymes used for clot busting used in treatment of heart attack and stroke. Plasminogen activator catalyzes conversion of plasminogen to plasmin (enzyme for breaking clot). Although currently available thrombolytic therapies have significantly reduced mortality, however there is need for large therapeutic doses and limited fibrin specificity. To address problems associated with available plasminogen activator, major players are focusing on development of newer agents especially biotechnologically engineered thrombolytic agents for better outcomes. Extensive research and development will lead to development of novel therapeutic drugs, thereby providing ample opportunities for market players to adopt such developments to gain competitive advantage and larger market share.

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