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Several Uses of Coated Fabrics

Coated fabrics refer to the type of fabrics that are coated using certain materials that generally include thermoplastic coatings, varnish, lacquer and rubber.Coating is done so as to enhance the resistance towards liquids like oil, water, and dust. Coating is also performed to improvise the durability of the fabric. Smooth and pile fabrics are generally the sources for the production of coated fabrics. Coated fabrics are mixed with porolon at times essentially to increase the softness quotient of the fabric. Coated fabrics find applications in the printing, furniture and garment industries. They are also used to fulfill medical purposes.

Significance of coated fabrics:

There are various textile products that are coated today to increase their durability quotient. Such textile products entail the manufacturing of fabrics followed by the application of coating on them. The most commonly coated textile products include rubber textile materials, polymer textile materials, and fabric backed wall coverings.

Polymer coated fabrics:

Polymer coated fabrics take up the largest segment in the coated fabrics industries. They are widely prevalent due to their usage in various industries. Furthermore, polymer coated fabrics incorporate a lot of qualities that enrich the fabric in terms of strength, abrasion resistance and resistance towards air and water components.

Water repellent coated fabrics:

Oil cloth, latex coated fabric and polyvinyl chloride coated fabric are usually produced with the application of water repelling agent on one side or both the sides. Oil cloth employs siccative vegetable oils to enhance water repellency whilst latex coated fabrics use concentrated high styrene synthetic latices and plasticized polyvinyl chloride are used for polyvinyl chloride coated fabrics.Fillers are used in large quantities for all the above mentioned fabrics. Coated fabrics implicating the usage of water repellants are generally used for the manufacture of table cloths and other materials.

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The soaring demand for coated fabrics in various industries:

The demand for coated fabrics has increased in the recent years primarily due to the increased usage in applications pertaining to protective clothing, industrial purposes and transportation.Transportation implicates the usage of coated fabrics in aircraft, railways and automobiles wherein these coated fabrics will have resistance towards water, mildew, dirt and ultraviolet rays and will be rot-proof. The consistent driving force of safety concern in industries has subsequently increased the potential for coated fabrics. Nylon has been used preferably due to its favorable properties including light weightiness, and its affinity to work with a wide range of coatings. The demand for nylon in fabric coating industries is higher in comparisons with its counter parts like polyester.

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