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Key Growth factors affecting on 3d Cell Culture Market

3D cell cultures are increasingly replacing 2D cell culture as they help to overcome problems associated with the use of 2D cell cultures. However, 3D cell culture is emerging field providing tremendous opportunities for the market growth.


High demand for organ transplantation and tissue regeneration, and increasing need of regenerative medicines for diseases such as cancer and diabetes will play vital role in the market growth.

Stem cell-based culture systems are expected to witness highest growth in the forecast period, due to their application in tissue and organ regeneration. This leads to large scale adoption of 3D cell culture systems by biotech & pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and diagnostic centers, which further contributes to the market growth.

Besides, rise in prevalence of cancer will increase need for cancer research and development of regenerative medicines that will drive the market during forecast period.
Scaffold-based 3D cell culture segment accounted for two-fifth of the global market in 2016, due to their unique property of adjusting biochemical and mechanical properties.

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